Visual Design – Project 2

Random Word Generator

  1. Favor, Business, Function
    A young entrepreneur thinks he’s making it big as he meets a successful businesswoman who is willing to help him. He pitches his ideas to her and she affirms that they can be his million-dollar idea, telling him that she will make him into someone like herself. Little does he know that she has her own ulterior motives.
  2. Fog, Alcohol, Barrier
    In the early 20th century, Canada banned alcohol leading to the Prohibition, causing underworld societies to develop and rise up to distribute homemade drinks. With this begins turf wars and dilemmas between groups, leaders, and families.
  3. Video, Dirty, Merchant
    A group of friends find themselves in a horrifying situation as they’re locked in a video store. It couldn’t be a worse scenario. Haunted lights, a sketchy neighbourhood, it’s almost midnight, the clerk keeps staring at them funnily, and they keep hearing bloodcurdling screams from the owner’s office. They can’t decide whether it’s a blessing or a curse that it’s an adult film store.
  4. Deficit, Pest, Prayer
    After a businessman purchases the lot in which an old church is built and the priest and local churchgoers are put in a battle between fighting for their religion and money.
  5. Slogan, Imagine, Drama
    A fight ensues as two advertising agencies battle over one of their most expensive company yet, leading to a standstill as they invest effort into one that they don’t know is going bankrupt.

Visual Design – Project 1


Design Statement:

The main goal of this project was to make an interesting and creative product of the book 1984 by George Orwell. A major theme of the novel which was carried over to the cover is the invasion of privacy and lack of freedom within individuals. The repetitiveness and order of the phone screens represent Big Brother while also representing Winston’s peers and coworkers, contrasting against the isolation and invertedness of the wide-eyed phone. Additionally, the “telescreens” from the novel were changed to phone screens to relate closer to the present day. Originally, the text was only white, but this was changed to have accents of orange to compliment the blue monochromatic theme and give a pop of colour to increase interest. The simplistic design and pattern are effective as well as the typeface choice which promotes the feeling of authority and structure.

Rhetorical Tropes:

Allusion: With all of the screens staring at the outlier it alludes to Winston’s self-isolation within his thoughts and beliefs compared to everyone else in his life.

Personification: This is slight use of the trope, where the phone screens are given eyes to “watch” the outlier.

Mockup template

Illustrator Process

Different iterations (First three are ocean iterations, fourth is an orange value test, and fifth are spine iterations)

Justin Timberlake poster | Search by Muzli
Image – This was the main point of inspiration for the original sketch featuring the pattern of screens/eyes.

My original plan was to use the I’ll Give You the Sun refinement (Fig. 1) I brought to class for critique, but was given peer review that it was too simple and I became unmotivated to expand it further. So, I refined one of the 1984 sketches and was happy with the outcome (Fig. 2).
Most of the exploration was in finding the various book covers during Week 2 and looking through the examples given in the slides to either compare or gain encouragement to change certain things on my own cover. some challenges include changing my idea from the I’ll Give You The Sun cover to 1984, due to not being happy with where I was going with the original design and how I drifted away from the abstract, minimalist approach.
Peer feedback was beneficial through helping me with suggestions about certain layout and colour choices. The main suggestion was changing the eyes of the screens to be only in one direction.

All of the screens are placed in a parallel matter, all facing the same direction to contrast with the outlier that’s facing the opposite.

Week 2 Process

Cover Sketches, Synopses, Significances


The main theme I wanted to explore is that “Big Brother is Always Watching,” so A. is the screen that features an eye, B. is a multitude of screens (phone screens) that have eyes – the iteration can be a different layout pattern, and C. is the contrast between Winston and all of his coworkers/community members.

1984, written by George Orwell is about a dystopian future (of when it was written) revolving around a man named Winston who is aware of the totalitarian state that his country has transformed into, who has to battle with himself and each one of his peers, those of whom have been brainwashed by the government to follow Big Brother’s new world.

Why is this significant?
I was recommended this book a couple of months ago, being told before that George Orwell predicts what is happening now in 1932! With that in mind, the book itself is fantastic, and the concepts that are brought up can absolutely be seen within today’s society – (in a bit of a controversial sense) such as Big Brother always watching through a screen, people only living to work, not having control even in a democratic sense.


The five worst book covers ever | Books | The Guardian
1984 By George Orwell, In Covers |

The Shining

For the first two covers I thought about the isolation that Jack is in, even when he’s with his wife and son, so A. is an image of them lined up with Jack cut off to the left, B. is an actual photograph with Jack ripped from it, and C. is the Overlook Hotel.

The Shining, written by Stephen King, is a horror novel based around Jack Torrance and his family, Wendy his wife, and Danny his son. Jack is hired to look after the Overlook Hotel over the winter season, in isolation with his family, when he begins to follow the pattern of insanity that led to his predecessors’ demises.

Why is this significant?
I’ve always enjoyed Stephen King’s content, he’s my dad’s favourite author and so I’ve been exposed to his writing since I was young. The Shining was the first book that made me too terrified to get up and go to the washroom (the bathtub scene was too scary), and also the first book of a critically acclaimed adaptation that I wanted to experience before watching the film (which I think is amazing as itself, but terrible compared to the source material).


The Shining (novel) - Wikipedia
The Shining: Halloween edition: 9781473695498: Books
The Shining eBook: King, Stephen: Kindle Store

I’ll Give You The Sun

Using character themes, I found that I was going to use the two main characters as the cover with A. being the sculpture that’s made in the book with the Sun and title separating them, B. using an abstract version of the characters’ hair to create the sun and clouds, and C. the characters’ hands meeting.

I’ll Give You The Sun, written by Jandy Nelson, is a coming of age book about a set of twins: Noah and Jude. It is written from both characters’ perspectives, with Noah’s being from when they were 12-13, and with Jude’s being from when they were 16. They’re inseparable at Noah’s chapters, but they don’t speak at Jude’s, and we are taken on a journey of their dynamics and experiences that cause and resolve this.

Why is this significant?
This book was also recommended to me several weeks ago, and I read it the same day. It was given to me by someone really important to me, and the book means the world to them, so I found myself needing to finish it and being able to connect with their love for it. And maybe not at the same capacity, but I do.


Vietnamese cover | I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson | Cover art, Cover  design, Concept art
Brittany's Book Rambles: I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson Review +  Twitter Chat with a Giveaway
I'll Give You the Sun : Jandy Nelson : 9781406326499

Digital Tools II: Assignment 2


Final location:

  • House on Norfolk Road, Hamilton.
  • McMaster


  • Nikon D3400
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300
  • Vanguard Espod CX Tripod

(Needed: lights)


  • University reading week (to start shooting as much as possible)
  • Continue shooting during week 8 (try to edit during this week as well)


  • Ashlie from McMaster

Extras can include: Adam Borthwick (extras are not extremely necessary)

Ashlie Morocho

Crew Member(s):

  • Natalia Parraga
  • Adam Borthwick

Graphical treatment of video:

  • Similar cinematography of HomePod video (less demo and more usability)
  • I want the use of colour to invoke the feelings of the character within the video (blue/cold = feeling down, things are inconvenient, yellow/warm = feeling happier, things are easier)