Visual Design – Project 2

Random Word Generator

  1. Favor, Business, Function
    A young entrepreneur thinks he’s making it big as he meets a successful businesswoman who is willing to help him. He pitches his ideas to her and she affirms that they can be his million-dollar idea, telling him that she will make him into someone like herself. Little does he know that she has her own ulterior motives.
  2. Fog, Alcohol, Barrier
    In the early 20th century, Canada banned alcohol leading to the Prohibition, causing underworld societies to develop and rise up to distribute homemade drinks. With this begins turf wars and dilemmas between groups, leaders, and families.
  3. Video, Dirty, Merchant
    A group of friends find themselves in a horrifying situation as they’re locked in a video store. It couldn’t be a worse scenario. Haunted lights, a sketchy neighbourhood, it’s almost midnight, the clerk keeps staring at them funnily, and they keep hearing bloodcurdling screams from the owner’s office. They can’t decide whether it’s a blessing or a curse that it’s an adult film store.
  4. Deficit, Pest, Prayer
    After a businessman purchases the lot in which an old church is built and the priest and local churchgoers are put in a battle between fighting for their religion and money.
  5. Slogan, Imagine, Drama
    A fight ensues as two advertising agencies battle over one of their most expensive company yet, leading to a standstill as they invest effort into one that they don’t know is going bankrupt.